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Off The Beaten Track
The Spanish Steps and Rome's Baroque

This is a wonderful walking tour through the maze of narrow streets and alleys that always lead to some spectacular square or monumental fountain. Learn about why the Spanish Steps are Spanish, even thought the French built them... How do the over 2500 fountai...

Adult €39,00
Child €35,00
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Borghese Gallery

The Borghese Gallery is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, charming, elegant and compact art museums in the world. It is neither chronologically arranged, nor very ordinate. Rather, it is a very personal, lovingly matched collection that reveals basicall...

Adult €48,00
Child €43,00
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Myths & Legends of Churches in Rome

Was there ever a female Pope who ruled the Catholic Church? Why do thousands of people climb an ancient staircase on their knees every day? Did Michelangelo really talk to his sculptures, such as his famous Moses? Discover with us the intrigues, myths and leg...

Adult €49,00
Child €39,00
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